IMG_3037smPart photography gallery and part travelogue, this website originated from a conversation I had with a friend who asked me what I did with all of my images. Outside of production use, stock photography sales and occasional calendar gifts imposed on family, the answer was that most of my photos and video ultimately retired to hard drives. The conversation made me think about the niche of wildlife and photography enthusiasts that may not only like the photos, but also like insight on how to experience such places. Many of these locations required of weeks of research, pulling from disparate sources of hard to find information. Despite the age of information, I’ve found that many of the destinations still don’t have readily-available, practical information or don’t have it all in one place. Even research into a winter trip to an icon the size of Yellowstone was met with opaque logistical details and incomplete sources of important facts.

The travelogue component is meant for “prosumer” level enthusiasts that have neither the expendable income or motivation to spend a fortune on top-of-the-line travel or equipment. That information is easily obtained elsewhere. The advice I’ve included about travel pertains to things I learned by experience and offers, what I hope to be, big-picture help regarding details I found difficult to find and/or aspects I didn’t find online at all. In addition, I find it difficult to both document and enjoy a location at the same time, so I realize that behind-the-scenes visual details may be a bit lacking. As such, this website is not a comprehensive, thorough guide to either travel or photography. Constructive comments or helpful advice is gladly received, but please, no trolls. Regarding site architecture, the project pages are limited to photos and video and the blog postings expound on travel details and logistics.


Denis Jensen
I work in media production, currently producing for Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. I cut my teeth in the field after college in Hawaii, working on several nature documentaries and this is where I first picked up an SLR (sans “D”) and learned how to operate video cameras. I’ve experience creating both long and short format video content and over a decade of interactive integration. I’ve produced branded entertainment, broadcast programming, feature documentaries, and advertising collateral, working with Sony Crackle, VH1, MTV, Fox Sports and TV Land as well as with brands like Canon, LG and Toyota. A champion of advances in technology that enable lower budgets and smaller production needs, my skill set includes writing, shooting, editing and post production supervision. In addition, the two feature films I’ve produced were both selected for screening by the Tribeca Film Festival.